SMF Bankroll Shotty Says He’s The Dopest Paraplegic!

You might need to edit some of the article I wrote a lil but I think it’s good  Smf bankroll shotty is paraplegic artist from the Tacoma and Seattle area he was shot and paralyzed at the age of 19 but never lets his disability hold him back from his dreams and Aspirations. His album woodtopia definitely solidified his self-made factor movement in the rap genre, havin records like (run up the bag) being played in the clubs through his state. He followed that up with droppin his EP SHINE along with a hosted version by the legendary dj lazy k and a live Performance music video from the ep directed and shot by showout visuals. His music has been featured on close to 30 mixtapes by some of the hottest djs in the game aswell as his city Where he’s also feature on the Don gee hotlist, hip hop Seattle, and the Tacoma top 40 rapper list of 2022 next to names like lil mosey and lewiee, he’s one of the only artist outta Washington state to not only have a record with the late great nipsey hussle but also have his music makin multiple appearances on Shaquille oneals shaqfu radio station aswell as opening up for some of the biggest names touring Seattle like philthy rich and performing for private party’s for tastemakers from LA to NY and being interviewed on big platforms like doggie diamonds tv and more.  Smf bankroll shotty is  currently workin on some surprise collabs aswell as visuals to his Highly anticipated new single (Face it) which has been already been spotlighted on some of the biggest djs and platforms in the Tacoma and Seattle area aswell as workin on his new smf shotty music blog, you can find his music on all streaming platforms aswell as exclusives on live mixtapes.