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From the Hardwood to the Mic: Tookie3X’s Rise in Hip Hop

Yo, check it, out of the vibrant streets of Jackson, Mississippi, and the rich cultural gumbo of Vicksburg, Mississippi, comes Tookie3X. His story to hip hop stardom is straight fire, filled with passion, hustle, and undeniable skill. From a young buck, it was clear Tookie3X was destined for greatness, inspired by the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson, and raised by a fam jam blessed with musical gifts.

Early Spark and Musical Roots

Born in Jackson, by the age of three, Tookie3X was already feelin’ the music. He’d be glued to the screen, mesmerized by MJ’s electrifying moves, bustin’ a groove in front of the TV, perfectin’ every step. Unlike his siblings, Tookie3X was the musical prodigy of the fam.

His momma, a blues singer who’d been beltin’ out tunes with Vickie Baker since she was 17, played a major role in shapin’ his musical journey. Tookie3X would roll with her to the studio, soakin’ up the magic of makin’ music. By the time he was nine, he was even droppin’ background vocals on some of her tracks. These experiences not only tightened up his vocals but lit a fire in him to create his own music.

From the Court to the Stage

Before he fully embraced the mic, Tookie3X was a baller on the court at Warren Central High School. He dreamt of bein’ a top-tier hooper, dedicatin’ countless hours to hone his skills. This dedication and discipline showed he wasn’t afraid to put in the work.

But music never left his side. His first steps into makin’ music started with the app Soundtrap, where he started layin’ down rhymes and singin’ his heart out. By 2017, he moved to BandLab, and things got serious in 2018. That year, his parents gifted him the ultimate creator kit: a microphone and a computer loaded with Pro Tools. This marked the start of a prolific period, with Tookie3X droppin’ tracks consistently since the ninth grade.

Early Stages and Big Wins

Tookie3X’s talent wasn’t just for the studio. His first live performance was at the ripe age of six, blowin’ away the crowd with his MJ covers. His music teacher recognized his potential and hooked him up with gigs at school concerts. From the age of six to twelve, he was bringin’ down the house, gettin’ standin’ ovations left and right.

One early highlight was an adult talent show when he was just eleven. Up against seasoned performers, Tookie3X ripped into “Man in the Mirror” with so much power, he snagged first place and a cool $1,000 prize. This win got him noticed by the local media and solidified his rep as a musical prodigy. Another win came with a memorable Christmas carol duet with his momma. They crushed the competition and took home first place, adding another trophy to his early achievements.

The Future’s Bright: New Tracks and Collaborations

Fast forward to today, Tookie3X is makin’ waves in the hip hop scene with his latest banger, “On My Side,” available everywhere you stream music. This track is a smooth blend of modern hip hop and R&B, with a touch of that dirty south flavor. This release marks a big step in his career, as he’s teamed up with super producer DJ Don and executive producer Ray Bandz. Together, they’re ready to take Tookie3X’s talent to the next level.

From emulatin’ MJ to lightin’ up talent shows and studios, Tookie3X’s journey is proof that hard work and passion pay off. With his unique blend of influences and a team of industry heavyweights by his side, Tookie3X is a rising star ready to leave his mark on the world of hip hop. Keep your ears peeled, ’cause this ain’t the last you’ll hear of him.

From Hoops to Hip Hop: An Exclusive Interview with Rising Star Tookie3X


Q: Tell us about your upbringing in Mississippi and how it influenced your music.

A: I wasn’t born in Jackson, but I grew up in Vicksburg. Being close to Louisiana, the Southern culture is strong there. I fell in love with Lil Boosie’s soulful sounds around age 6 or 7. While my life wasn’t perfect, music was my constant. I’d get in trouble for singing and rapping in class, but I thrived at performances. Witnessing struggles in my community fueled my desire to make it through music, inspiring kids to choose a different path.

Q: What drew you to Michael Jackson?

A: It was his work ethic and captivating stage presence. He poured his passion into every performance, striving for perfection. That same passion burns in me today as I create my own music.

Q: How did your mom, a blues singer, influence you?

A: Seeing her talent ignited a spark in me. Stepping into the studio with her only fueled my desire to pursue music.

Q: You balanced basketball with music. How’d you manage that?

A: Music always came first. I recorded on weekends and after practice, using tools like Soundtrap and BandLab.

Q: What made you focus solely on music?

A: It was a tough time. Losing loved ones and facing personal struggles during the pandemic affected my grades, leading to getting cut from basketball. This pushed me to dedicate myself fully to music.

Q: How did apps like Soundtrap help you develop your craft?

A: The talent was there, but these apps helped me hone my skills. I experimented with friends, recording hundreds of songs and learning the ropes.

Q: How did getting Pro Tools change your approach to music?

A: It was a game-changer. I learned the software, grasped its functions, and finally shaped my sound, ready to release music to the public.

Q: You’ve been performing since you were young. How did that shape your stage presence?

A: I thrive on big crowds, feeding off their energy. These early experiences definitely shaped my confident stage presence today.

Q: Winning a talent show at eleven must’ve boosted your confidence.

A: Winning absolutely boosted my confidence. It solidified my belief in my talent and pushed me to pursue my musical aspirations.

Q: Winning the Christmas carol competition with your mom must’ve been special.

A: It was a unique and heartwarming experience. Sharing the stage and the win with my idol was a moment I’ll never forget.

Q: Tell us about your latest track, “On My Side.”

A: It blends hip hop and R&B. I wanted to create music that resonates with a wider audience, expressing emotions everyone can relate to. I prefer capturing the raw passion in the moment rather than writing down lyrics beforehand.

Q: How has working with DJ Don and Ray Bandz been?

A: It’s been valuable. Ray has provided guidance on the music business, while DJ Don keeps me motivated and has a lot of work lined up for the future.

Q: What are your goals for the next few years?

A: Touring, selling out shows, and achieving financial success through my music. I’m open to collaborations but focus on finding the right fit for my sound and work ethic.

Q: How do you see your music evolving?

A: While rapping is my current passion, I’m open to exploring other genres like blues or southern soul in the future. I see myself venturing into various forms of music as I evolve.

Q: What’s a typical day for you?

A: When I’m not recording, I stay active, working out, playing basketball, and spending time with loved ones. This balance is important for a healthy and fulfilling life alongside my music career.

Q: What message do you want your fans to take away from your music?

A: I want them to feel something when they listen to my music, whether it’s emotional connection, the energy of a party anthem, or the harsh realities of life. I focus on creating an impactful experience.

Q: How do you stay inspired?

A: Music is my outlet. No matter what happens, I know I have music to hold on to. I also remind myself that challenges are temporary.