Savannah Georgia has gifted the world with an amazing young man with an outstanding talent of rapping, Rapper GI Rob

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Savannah Georgia has gifted the world with an amazing young man with an outstanding talent of rapping, Rapper GI Rob. GI Rob’s Life purpose was already clear when he was just a kid, his life revolved with music from an early age. He lived in a big family and had the advantage of listening to all kinds of genre and generational music. Grade 6th was the discovery time of GI Rob’s talent because of some music activities. After knowing this talent, Derenne Middle School 6th grader, his classmates were delightfully enjoying his rap and performance. GI Rob was not a typical student boy, he used the school as a performance stage and a song writing place. He used to get into trouble and get detention but used it for his own benefit and developed his talent well.


His co-founder 6ix24 Domo was the great influencer of GI Rob Music Career. 6ix24 Domo gave his co-founder his stage and music name GI Rob and changed his original name. The Organisation Grinding Independent was developed by GI Rob with the huge help and contribution of 6ix24 Domo. This Organization was developed after a lot of meeting and discussion, the important point that convinced everyone to make the decision is taking over the rap scene with his talent.


GI Rob wanted his introduction to the music industry and fans to be the best he can give. Therefore, Even though his first song “Take My Shirt Off” featuring 187Swipes and his artist Blinky 187 was created in 2022. He did agree to release it because his expectation was not fulfilled and was not convinced to make it his introductory song because it is the time to build your repetition and gain fans to become successful in the industry. This song was never released to the public until now. Fans hope to get the chance to hear it, if even released in the future.


After the unsatisfactory experience and not getting what was expected, GI Rob started working with JayPlayBeats, his current engineer and producer that changed and levelled up GI Rob’s game in the music industry and still developing a highly growing career as a successful artist. GI Rob with the help of JayPlayBeats have released two outstanding works, Shake this Feeling in Sep/29/2022 and his popular, the most played song DrunkNdHigh Nov/21/2022 within a few months.

The Works were a success, they gave GI Rob the confidence and motivation to keep working. The GI Rob into GI Ent Label was officially developed and announced which gave the opportunity to feature for and with many talented artists who share the same goal and ambitions. He has collaborated with GI Tee GI Kei and will for sure collaborate with others in the future. His Favourite work,  “What it takes to be me” will be released soon. This Song shares this life journey, struggles and lets fans know all about GI Rob. He always sings and writes songs to express his emotion, we will definitely share his emotion and understand and love the artist more. Enjoy the interview with Artist GI Rob!!

Exclusive Interview with Gi Rob, the Savannah-Born Rapper Taking the Music Industry by Storm

  • What’s your background? What got you into rap music?

“Born and raised in Savannah Georgia both parents had about 9 siblings and grew up listening to rap from all decades. Listening to that and all other genres really enhanced my love for music. Working with my team and inspirations from my city made me get into music fully.”

  • How long has music been a part of your life?

“Music has been a part of me for all my life and will always be a part of me.”

  • If it wasn’t for music, where would you be now?

“I can’t imagine my life without music. It impacts me so much I couldn’t think of a world where I couldn’t have music.”

  • How did you come to realise that music was the way forward for you?

“I realised music was the way for me when I started realising music and people started to gravitate towards it. This meant a lot because I make music because of the emotions I feel at the time or the situations I go through in life so that means if you like my music you like me for who I am.”

  • If you had to sacrifice one skill, which would you least like to let go, and why?

“My ability to freestyle would be my least skill. I would want to go only because it’s my most impressive and it means the most. Plus I couldn’t make music no more if I couldn’t freestyle because all my songs came from freestyle.”

  • In what way do you aim to make a difference?

“I plan on making a difference by taking the GI movement to the biggest level. I want to turn this movement into Multiple businesses to bring the city together. Want Savannah to be known for something bigger than just being by Atlanta.”

  • When it comes to performing, what’s your style?

“I always try to give it the best performance I can.”

  • If you could perform anywhere in the world,where would it be ?

“I want to perform at Rolling loud or anywhere overseas because growing up I always wanted to perform at rolling loud and to be able to perform would be incredible. And for overseas to have a fan base strong enough to perform overseas it would be incredible.”

  • What’s your favourite project so far, and why?

“My favourite project is “What it takes to be me” and it’s my favourite because it gives my fans every aspect of my life and tells them what it takes to be. It’s unreleased currently but will be dropping very soon.”

  • How do you see your sound evolving in the next couple of years?

“More lyrical and complex and able to express myself better throughout my music and becoming more creative.”

I conclude the article wishing a fruitful and prosperous year, but we can all see that it is already happening.

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