Exclusive Interview with Emerging Artist Trini

Brittany Poole

Brittany PooleRaleigh, North Carolina is where Brittany Poole was born; she was born on June 29, 1995. She grew up in Washington DC, Maryland. She was interested in music and fashion even when she was a little girl. But the school she attended in Washington DC wasn’t a place to be fashionable and creative. She had to wear a uniform every day; therefore she couldn’t express their feeling and creativity through her cloth. But he had the chance to do that in high school when she moved back to her birthplace Raleigh, North Carolina because they weren’t wearing uniforms there. This made her fall in love with fashion, design, and style clothes to express their and others’ feeling. She loves doing creative activities; painting a taken photograph, styling and designing clothes, and especially making music are her favorite. She always advises people to do what they love and seeing others do that makes her happy. She was not only interested in fashion but also in music, she used to sing when she was young but she was always afraid to perform or to reveal that she was a rapper or a singer. She believed that artists should have confidence and she lacked the confidence that she expected from an artist when she was young. She has achieved that confidence when she moved to Los Angeles. That is the place where Brittany became the artist she became now as Trini. She admires music and that it is a part of her life, she is proud to be an artist and contribute to the music industry. She has been doing Music for a full year now and in December. She started singing in 2020 in LA. After doing a lot of singing, she felt moved to rap consistently. She admits that rap is a place where she can be herself, feel alive and send a message. She appreciates her fans and tells that they are her motivation to keep doing what she started. She has been listening to music when she was very young, her goal is to be just like Whoopty whoop and enjoy the rap lifestyle.

When she moved to LA, she made a song called ice in Studio in Hollywood on sunset, she got to inspire people. Greeting everyone felt nice and felt like she made history. She met a guy when she was living there, he is also into the music she loved listening to him and he was kind of a guy she loved listening to. She moved in with him, they started working together. She says that he is the opening gateway to my now-standing career. The time she find herself and confidence is when she was on her balcony one day she was having a hard time in her relationship, she was thinking that the relationship she had with her boyfriend is not solid and a lot of anger built up. She started freestyling about that issue, and she liked it. She freestyle it for him, he recorded it and dropped it. That is the time when Brittany Poole had hit on her, She was confident that she have a great sound and can inspire many with just a little effort. She has already done well so why not push it and make it bigger. She is an overall artist and doesn’t have a specific style. She loves to work and doesn’t limit herself to a specific genre. She is now working on a project to be released soon called Dreams of your Fear. It is to inspire people to put their dream above their fear, control their fear to reach where they want. Because a lot of people let go of their dream because of their fear.

Exclusive Interview with Brittany Poole

  • What’s your background? What got you into rap music?

I’ve always been in some music my grandmother was a pastor apostle of her own church and my grandfather was a Trinidadian Freemason so I just feel like within my culture I feel like we’ve always been in tune with the music and a beat in making people feel good. So from singing in the church as a Young into freestyling on the back of the bus on the way home from after school activities of always been in love with music but now as an adult I have experience and I have life changes that have created moments is for me to actually explain them in a song.

  • How long has music been a part of your life?

Music is it has been in my life all of my life but on professional knowledge, I’ve been a nurse for exactly one year.

  • If it wasn’t for music, where would you be now?

If it wasn’t for Music where I would definitely be somewhere styling your favorite artist or favorite celebrity for sure because I love to style and I’m super into fashion but I will have to say that if I didn’t have music I don’t know where I would be because I love you so much I love music from the day I wake up to the time it doesn’t matter if I’m the one making it or if I’m just listening to an icon or someone that I’m inspired by for these new artists as you know striving and thriving I really don’t know where I would be I don’t know where our resort to you if I didn’t music.

  • How did you come to realize that music was the way forward for you?

So I’m 420 this year 2021 I performed at the Stoner Ville Festival and everybody that I know that’s down from local artist to famous ideas off of forms especially me. But when I perform for the first time I knew that like the rest the feeling that I had the respect that I gain the love that I came off of just pure pouring my heart out to individuals that I had no idea of knowing or ever meeting just making them all feel excited and like just so you know what I’m saying given them energy I fell in love with me. Music and I knew that I could never go back I knew that I would never be happy working at 9:05 after performing on stage like that I just knew that I had to have some type of input on some type of music somewhere and I am yeah I’ll never look back.

  • If you had to sacrifice one skill, which would you least like to let go, and why?

I think that being able to read the bullshit before someone even opens their mouth is a skill that is a good and bad thing because I tend to read people before I can even really get to know them and it kind of bugs me out because it’s like dang I wish I just kind of like you know I’m saying didn’t know how much of a bull shitter you are from the beginning because I go so hard and I will literally die just look at you getting your face and say no thank you because I know that it’s bad energy so sometimes like I’m glad that I can read the bullshit but I’m also just like you’re not I’m saying damn like sometimes you want just act dumb you know I’m saying I can’t even act dumb because I am aware of a lot of the bullshit that’s at hand you know I’m saying a gift and a curse, to be honest.

  • In what way do you aim to make a difference?

I think people get so caught up in trying to do differently forget that you know I’m saying they are already born different and I just feel like I’m just here to bring myself to the table you know what I’m saying I’m just here to bring creativeness and be an artist and really show people that I love what I do so I think aside from all the bowl that was going to show people that I’m different as it is my work ethic And my dedication in my drive and my creativeness. I don’t want to sound the same as all these other rappers I definitely want to make sure that when I do leave this earth that people remember that I’m a fashion icon and that I love music and that I’ve brought my best creative foot forward that’s all shine others but to leave something behind to show that to the young kids that you can do it too.

  • Who’s your fashion icon, and why?

Rihanna has always been a fashion icon to me! She’s just brilliant and honestly, Cardi B is running right behind her! With her daring ways!

  • What’s the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into?

So it just depends on like what kind of trouble because if we got legal trouble you know I’m saying I’ve been the plug at one time at one of my life where you know I’m saying I was group now to make ends me to show me Alex fast-casual you know I’m saying it was here but then there’s also a point where I just feel like you know you can get in trouble with your family with your spouse just cause it’s the timing I was in my communication and my time is a little weird because I have so many people especially now that is in my face trying to get you to know stuff taken care of and I’m just like you know it’s just sometimes is a lie but she just got a wait do it for me but as far as travel I’m a good kid I don’t know how long will you be getting into trouble unless someone really like bugs me the wrong way.

  • How would you describe your style of music?

Because I’m so new with this rap industry I would just say that like I don’t have a specific style I’m an open artist I love to rap you don’t I’m saying however I need to come on the beat I will so whatever genre you know I’m saying of course rap is hip-hop right but like literally you got people there’s been like you just have so many different types of music and they try to enter twine wrap like I’m so not putting myself in a box so I would just say that my music is creativeness I’m a creative you know I’m making music for everybody all types of genres.

  • If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I’m actually working on a Europe tour right now so definitely Europe and Tokyo. That is my vibe right now the only place is that I’m like literally like wanting to perform at. I need to spend time in Trinidad as well! I want to do something to give back to Trinidad for sure that’s my homeland and you know what I’m saying I just want to show my peace and respect to them as well!

  • How do you put words to paper? What’s your creative process like?

The best way for me to create music is by filling out the beat by just having fun. I can make music anywhere beach or write on a plane you name it. If I ever have an itch to write I will. I create music for me to enjoy first and then think of the fans and what I think they may like from me.   I make my music I don’t like to overthink it sometimes I may have written work and it may not come out always the same so I’d like to just go ahead and try to freestyle and just bring vibes we can all connect to.  I’ll make a topic off a beat or playoff how the beat makes me feel and that is my process goes off a view make a topic and go bar for the bar if I have to. I love to freestyle in random places on the go with friends grocery shopping like it’s just always fun then so I just try and keep that in my head while recording.

  • Where is your career heading? What’s the vision?

I feel like my career is heading in the direction that I needed to go every day I learn more every day that I push in the studio I learn more about how my voice is and you know what I want The fans to see me as a portray me as you know what I’m saying like I want them to feel like man I fuck with Trini she’s genuine she’s humble she’s fire you know I’m saying she’s a bad bitch like you know I’m saying I fuck with her because she’s gone get the job done like that’s what I want people to remember me as you know I’m saying like my vision is to not only be successful in getting the dividends and the funds but it really mainly create this superhero someone that’s like hey I’m here to sacrifice because there’s so many people are afraid to live your dreams I’m here sacrifice because there’s so many people that were caught up and forgot that that you know I’m saying they had this one thing they had to do with the end of the tunnel my vision is to take soul and heart that really been Going for the dream and making it happen that’s my vision I want little girls and little boys understand that you can do whatever you want to do whether you want to be a rapper singer artist dancer lawyer pilot whatever you want do you can do it I want make music and I want my music to be played for years even when I’m gone I want to be played how much we played in movies commercials so with that being said I have a bigger goals I have to work hard and I want these kids to know that got to work hard for what you want.

  • When it comes to performing, what’s your style?

Now depending on where I am I don’t mind the style really if I’m at a festival at Coachella we going to like a rave-like you know I’m super big super explosive pop but if we’re you know what I’m saying in a different zone like where is like rap hip hop I’m cold there too! I love to create so that I’m not in a box with my style! I like to give off a nice lower tone sexy voice rapping or singing! Really want people to feel good with whatever sound I’m making. I  going to be right but if I’m in my singing crowd a mama sing to if it’s a crowd specifically looking for R&B soul of Afro-soul I’m hip to that too! I’m getting to a bag in every area but I want to inspire people and let them know like if you’re going to be an artist you don’t have to put yourself in a box so express yourself be creative make music don’t just put yourself in one area. If you don’t want to be in that area you don’t have to explore more, be someone that you didn’t think you could. I’m making music for generations to come! That’s that! Xo

  • If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I’m actually working on a Europe tour right now so definitely Europe and Tokyo. That is my vibe right now the only place is that I’m like literally like wanting to perform at. I need to spend time in Trinidad as well! I want to do something to give back to Trinidad for sure that’s my homeland and you know what I’m saying I just want to show my peace and respect to them as well!

  • What’s your favorite project so far, and why?

Since I’m so new to the game I’m still working on my project but I will definitely make it the best project ever! Music is fashion my baby for now. I am dreams over fear and I do believe in this project. I think that is it’s me putting my initial work and me finding myself as an artist/ creative I think it’ll always going to be my baby you know until the day that I die because of someone that has created me and is putting me into positions that I need to be in so I’m just thankful for all the trials and tribulations that has brought me this far! Be on the lookout for my project Dreams Over Fear coming very soon!

  • How do you see your sound evolving in the next couple of years?

I feel like over the times of me getting older I feel like my music is going to evolve anyways we go through certain things through certain periods of times in our lives and you know I’m just going be going through different things throughout my life that’s going to enhance my music. I definitely want to surround myself with more mentors in inspiration and people that have actually made it in the world already. You know when you’re not stressing you’re going to evolve anyway but when you’re stressing you over your sound then creates uncomfortable uncertainty. I do know that while I’m evolving in the next couple of years I’m just gone take it as it is and take all the constructive criticism and just be the best that I can be. I just won’t go crazy hard; I don’t want to come with those ABC soft ass lyrics. Got to keep that fire for my fans I want to come with some real heat and I want people to actually feel the music. I don’t want it to feel like oh she’s just another rapper I want it to feel like I could move from room to room city to city moving people and giving off nothing but amazing vibes! So yeah fuck with your girl TRINI!