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BLAPDRE has spent more than 10 years of this life in the music industry from Recording, Mixing, & Mastering Engineer to Executive Producer & Managment. BLAPDRE started in the music industry recording artist and making beats from his house. Before he met up with Nef The Pharaoh, He was working at the grill recording studios with old school bay area artist like Locksmith & The Jacka.


Nef The Pharaoh was the inspiration and turning point of BLAPDRE’s Career. BLAPDRE started working and taking this work worldwide and out of the Home studio after going on tour with Nef and G-Eazy. On the tour with them, BLAPDRE was in control of the front of house sound and brought the studio everywhere they went. After that tour and seeing and recording in over half the country, the game was on! BLAPDRE was inspired to do great work and take it to the next level. Blapdre started working at bigger studios, getting bigger collabs and got to work with legendary artists & producers (G-Eazy, Kehlani, E40, Dev, Cardo got wings, Mannie Fresh, Yg, Ty$).


After that tour, Nef introduced BLAP to new raw upcoming talent. Blap worked as a Dj on a tour for OMB Peezy when he opened up for Tee Grizzley after Nef introduced them. BLAPDRE also linked up and began working closely with Yhung T.O, Daboii, Slimmy B and introduction credit still goes to Nef The Pharaoh. He learned the business and music industry from the successful people he work with in the studio and when he went on tours.


Because almost all artists he worked with were getting signed to empire, Blap had the opportunity to work very close with empire which gave the chance to work with even more mainstream artists. Because he was there from the beginning and was the starting point of great new careers, he enjoyed it wanted to do it till the end. Taking in new artist and building up their career became his passion. This forced him to take on more responsibility and he became more than just an engineer. He helps A&R the Project, manage the roll out, reach out for collabs, utilize the budget, book shows, and locks in with a range of producers for whatever artist he is working with. Because he created his own path, he can work his own way through the industry. He has the ability to help Co-Produce your record as well as be your vocal coach so that you get the best possible performance. He may not be the big multi platinum producer yet but because his quality work and solid network with solid artist and producers, we are sure he will reach there soon.


BLAPDRE has worked on multiple albums; Engineer on Gangin II in 2018, Mixing & Mastering for The Chang Project in 2017, Engineer for OMB Peezy Album “Too Deep For Tears”. The most current Project is The Daboii “Can’t Tame Us” Album. He said that “Daboii and I both executively produced this album so this is one of my most favorite projects I ever was a part of.” Currently he is working closely with daboii and slimmy helping co-manage their career as well as always looking for new raw talent. Recently Discovered the artist Yatta Bandz out of Hayward he has his own sound and is definetly “NEXT UP” if you ask BLAP.   


Credits Include E-40, G- Eazy, The Migos, Kevin Gates, Yg, Dj Mustard, Ty$, Kehlani, Blueface, NBA YoungBoy, T.i, Lil Boosie, Lil Wayne, Curren$y, Nef The Pharaoh, OMB Peezy, SOB X RBE and Many More.