Birmingham Alabama

BIrmingham, AL has a rap group buzzing and making big noise in Alabama there name is GTB Kartel. GTB Kartel consists of 2 members GTB Ball Hard and GTB Da Gasman which are blood brothers from The Eastern Side of Birmingham Alabama. They both were born and raised in Alabama. GTB Ball Hard is 5 years older than GTB Da Gasman. Because of this age difference, they have different interests and lifestyles when they grow up together. They have common interests in sports except for baseball it was played by GTB Ball Hard. They played a multitude of sports from football to wrestling and track. Even though they played a lot sports when they were young, the brothers had a great desire to get some money and they were focused to achieve it.

GTB Ball Hard loves to rap and has a very strong passion for music. He and his older brother starting when they were young people liked listening to Juicy J, Lil Wayne, and Gucci Mane. These were some of the rappers who inspired him to get into it. He felt like it could be something he could do and have talent in.

GTB Da Gasman started taking rap seriously around 2016 when he had just gotten released from jail. He was living in Tuscaloosa and came back home to Birmingham. Both of his brothers currently have a group going on at the time and they were doing shows campaigning in the city and they were displaying what he thought was some pretty good music at the time. He wanted to show his support at times so he used what resources he had to help them accomplish more and he just ended up in the mix.

GTB Kartel has a unique, bold, witty, hard to match and gone be tougher to follow kind of music style. They have just released a new project this month called Banopoly. It is released on every platform and also a new video for the song Take 1 which is included in the new album. Songs included in Banopoly Album are Lets Gooo, Take 1, Chiefs, J.J (No Hook), Just Got a Bag, King Kong, Hunger Games and Put in Work.

The Projects that were released before the album are three Singles which are Black Ball (released on 11/10/2021), Lovis V (9/08/2021), and Mo’ Money (13/05/2021). They are planning and working to release a new project soon. And Hope you are looking forward to their next release