American YouTuber Rapper Tre Carter

American YouTuber Rapper Tre Carter

Larry Matthews Carter, also his stage name known as Tre Carter or Tre TreTre, is an American rapper, musician, and Youtubevlogger born on July 8th, 1993. This recording artist rose to fame through releasing songs on SoundCloud, music sharing platform. Tre Carter talks about his musical influence coming from his parents.

Tre Carter was born in Dover, Delaware. During his early life, his mother would put him in front of BET. His father would sing in the church and at family parties. This had a big influence on Tre’s music career. Furthermore, he grew up in a diverse family that exposed him to various music genres such as pop, old school hip-hop, rock, and country music.  At4 years old, he would listen to Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, Lou Bega, and Jackson 5.

Tre start rapping because he was not confident enough to sing.  When he started losing his voice, he focused more on singing.  This made him start recording music with his older brother. When he was 14, they made their first song known as “stay with me” and put it on MySpace. He then took a break and decided to focus on basketball. At the age of 17, he started to regain interest in his music career.

He recorded covers and uploaded them on Youtube. Afterward, he recorded the first music video,” feeling,” that was shot at his grandparent’s house.  At 18, he went to Central Michigan University and came home to bounce back. He became popular when he uploaded his first single called ” 1Hunnit” on SoundCloud in October 2015.  This massive popularity allowed him to get a recording contract with  Akon’sKonvictMuzik.

Tre Carter’s notable songs and albums list include:

Fade Away, Baby, Sorry Cover, Birthday, Never Lie( Sheesh Oh My), Big Drip, Issues, Stay, On You Tonight, Apologize, Gotta Get You ft Glenn Travis, Broke My Heart, Don’t Impress Me, The Way Life Goes, 1 Hunnid

He opened his YouTube channel on March 6th, 2009. He didn’t upload anything until November 2017. Tre posts his music videos and vlogs on YouTube. The channel has gained over 1 million subscribers.

According to Forbes, Business Insider, and Wikipedia, Tre Carter is one of the popular and richest rappers. He has a net worth of around $1.5 million. A large amount of his income comes from concerts and YouTube channels.  Tre’s subscribers and viewers count kept rising over the last years.

Additionally, he has a lot of fans following his social media platform, including Instagram, where he charges for sponsorship. He has also ventured into merchandise, including T-shirts, accessories, and Cap. His followers are highly supporting his products.

Tre Carter has at least made one public relationship with AlondroDessy. She is a makeup enthusiast and a fashion influencer for brands such as Pretty Little Thing and Fashion Nova.  The two were in an official relationship and shared their love regularly on social media. However, their relationship ended, and Alondro publicly accused him of cheating. As for 2021 he is now in a healthy loving relationship with Kim. They are now referred to as Kimtr3 and there are rumors about an upcoming baby”