Instagram Marketing and Why You Need It To Build Social Authority


If you’re a marketer, you know the importance of social media followers. Having a large following can help you build social authority and credibility for your brand. Whether you’re just starting on Instagram or you’re looking to take your account to the next level, we’ll explain why Instagram followers are so crucial for building social authority and share our top 3 tips to grow your following. Keep reading for some helpful advice!

Why Do You Need Build Social Authority by Gaining Followers?

  1. Followers will follow a page based with high number of followers.

Have you ever questioned what a visitor thinks about before clicking the “follow” button? Well, the quality and consistency of your Instagram feed content, the average number of likes and comments, and, most interestingly, the number of followers and a page has. This explains why a small channel struggles to get more followers while a channel with 10K plus easily gains followers daily. This following by popularly is known as the ‘bandwagon effect’ and is what your page needs to attract.

  1. Instagram followers are potential new customers for the business.

Instagram followers are a source of future customers. Followers are the market that a small business needs to help them earn revenue. In other words, more followers equal more potential customers, which raises your chances of making sales.

  1. A large Instagram following improves the perception of your business to others.

After all, nobody wants to interact with just a few accounts there. The bigger the number of followers you acquire and maintain on Instagram, the more people will perceive you as an authority. Therefore, potential followers and customers will not have any doubts or fears that they will lose money or get substandard products.

  1. A large following grows the number of people who follow you.

Instagram followers like to share things they’ve seen and want to tell their circle of followers about their experiences (hello, selfies!).

If your personal or business page is intriguing, engaging, and interesting, chances are that your fans will be gushing about it on their profiles in a variety of ways, discreetly encouraging others on their list to check out what you’re all about. These shares quickly grow your following and you gain the social authority to command higher influencer prices and product sales.

Ready to grow on IG? Here are our top 3 ways to grow your following:

  1. Clearly define your niche in your profile and content
  2. Consistently post-high-quality content
  3. Get help acquiring high-quality Instagram followers from reputable sources like Internet Wizards.

Final Take Away

The evidence is clear. The more followers on your Instagram page, the better your brand reputation and the higher your income. If you need more guidance about growing your Instagram following or implementing any other aspects of social media, contact us directly today. Our team of internet wizards (pardon the pun) has helped clients and businesses like yours grow their Instagram accounts to 10,000 plus new followers. Contact us to get your Instagram followers today!


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