Even growing up as a child in Tallahassee, Florida, Yahdoe was always enthralled by what music had to offer. It’s no surprise that this artist has decided to develop his own music, with big musical influences surrounding him as a child in the form of his pastor parents who both sang and played instruments in their local church.
Being constantly engulfed by musical influences certainly paved a way for Yahdoe to rise in the music industry, although it also came with its challenges. Growing up in a Christian household, Yahdoe’s parents didn’t want any of their five children listening to rap music, which they believed might have been a bad influence. Despite this, Yahdoe strove forward to listen and surrounded himself with this type of music whenever he went to his auntie’s house.

The artists that he tuned into and grew up with includes a range of talents like Tupac, Trick Daddy, OutKast, Ludacris, 8Ball, and MJG amongst many more. Yahdoe admits that these artists injected the belief in him that he could rap for himself, inspiring him to kick freestyles to his friends at school. Of course, the rap industry is packed with grounded talent and inspirations set to encourage increasing numbers of young people to engage with the music industry, and the same was done for Yahdoe, who will, in turn, inspire fans of his own. Whilst his friends at school claimed that he needed a little more practice, Yahdoe has certainly come a long way since his school days.
After moving to Orlando in 2004, this artist started to take his music a little more seriously. With career goals in mind, the artist formed a rap group called Young Paypa Chasers (shortened to YPC) and a label, the Influence Music Group (IMG), with friends that he still keeps in touch with today. Yahdoe’s more serious take on music allowed him to flourish in this industry, blossoming with the goals he wanted to achieve even as a young boy.

The Take Over Vol.1 became this musician’s first CD with his group, the first of many more that they developed and launched within their school years. From this impressively young age, Yahdoe continued to develop his original sound and grow as an artist, listening to new and upcoming artists of the contemporary times which had started to captivate millions across the world. These inspirations, including Drake, Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, and Big KRIT, allowed Yahdoe to be more versatile with his own music and shaped his journey in the industry as the years went on.
In fact, with the influences of a diverse range of artists and top tracks, Yahdoe went on to construct R&B records alongside his rap records. This artist as even gone as far as creating his own label, Yahdoe Music Ent., in 2012, with the plan of having a range of R&B singers in this label. Yahdoe will write all the music for this label, with song-writing being another true passion of his.
So, what’s next for Yahdoe? Currently working on his latest project, South Side Legend, he will be due to drop this before 2021 is over. So, keep an eye out for this on Yahdoe’s social media platforms! With many more videos and music tracks on the way, we can expect to enjoy much more talent from this emerging artist within the foreseeable future.