From the Streets to the Studio: The Rise of Snug, Baton Rouge’s Trap Soul Maestro

Jesse McCray, known professionally as Snug, is an American rapper, songwriter and entrepreneur, emerging out of the Louisiana hip hop scene. Born and raised in Baton Rouge’s Glen Oaks neighborhood, Snug’s always had a passion for music. The ambidextrous creative and business minded hustler’s entrepreneurial spirit directly reflects his ties to the streets.

Heavily influenced by fellow Louisiana natives Lil Wayne, Master P and the late Soulja Slim, Snug accredits a familiarity to their journeys and later successes, as his inspiration. Unlike most artists today, Snug is a real representation of the streets. Highly respected amongst his peers, Snug remains motivated by the daily struggles affiliated with the street lifestyle. Using this as a driving force, Snug makes music to stimulate those who identify with him. Dubbing his sound as “Trap Soul,” Snug incorporates sorrow, pain, happiness & the confidence to apply what he learned from the streets into his storytelling.

Often compared to artists like Lil Durk, NBA YoungBoy & Fredro Bang, Snug’s ultimate goals embody a similar trajectory. Seeking to attain success legally and create opportunities for others around him, Snug believes that everyone has greatness within them, and is determined to shed light on what he believes Baton Rouge’s been missing.


Having established a regional fanbase, Snug has gone on to develop a roster of equally talented artists and a label known as Money Gang. With an array of unreleased songs, Snug intends to continue putting music out to the streets, leading up to the highly anticipated release of his full-length project tentatively titled 70812.