Rising from Adversity: The Inspiring Journey of Detroit Rapper Paid $haq

In the gritty streets of Detroit, where the struggle to rise above circumstances can be as tough as the city itself, there’s a story of resilience and talent that refuses to be silenced. Meet Paid $haq, the Detroit rapper who has been through the toughest of times but is determined to make his mark on the hip-hop scene and society as a whole.

Starting Strong: The Journey Behind Bars

Paid $haq’s journey to stardom isn’t your typical tale. He didn’t wait for freedom to start chasing his dreams; he began creating his success while still behind bars. This unwavering determination sets him apart from the rest. His mindset was crystal clear: he would use his time in incarceration as a platform to sharpen his skills, connect with the right people, and pave his way to success.

Support from the Streets: Mama Grizzley 

Paid $haq isn’t alone in his pursuit of greatness. The Detroit rap scene knows no bounds, and Paid $haq has a strong ally in Mama Grizzley, the mother of none other than Tee Grizzley. Tee Grizzley and Paid $haq share a deep childhood friendship, and their bond is more than evident as Mama Grizzley lends her support to Paid $haq’s journey. Together, they recently shot a video, a testament to the tight-knit Detroit hip-hop community and their unwavering support for one another.

New Music on the Horizon: “Mafia Proverbs”

Paid $haq isn’t just a rapper with a compelling story; he’s also a talented artist with a new single that’s making waves. Titled “Mafia Proverbs,” this track dropped on July 3rd, showcasing Paid $haq’s lyrical prowess and storytelling abilities. What’s intriguing is that he didn’t just release one version of the song; he gave his audience three distinct renditions.

One version features the Detroit artist Leek Hustle, another highlights the collaboration with Courtney Bell, and the third showcases his chemistry with Babyface Ray. These collaborations offer a glimpse into Paid $haq’s versatility and his ability to connect with fellow artists, all while serving time.

A Tale of Patience: 11 Years Behind Bars

Paid $haq’s journey has been far from easy. At just 17 years old, he found himself locked up, and the past 11 years have been a battle for his freedom. But he’s not giving up. He’s fighting for his appeal, and the ever-changing landscape of laws gives him hope that he’ll be back in the game sooner rather than later. Paid $haq is determined to use every moment of his incarceration as a stepping stone towards greatness.

The Westside’s Own: Detroit Roots

Born on the Westside of Detroit, Paid $haq embodies the spirit of the Motor City. His music reflects the heart and soul of the streets that raised him, and he’s committed to putting his city on the map in the hip-hop world.

Merchandise and More: The Future Beckons

Paid $haq isn’t just making music; he’s also making moves in the fashion world. He’s in the process of launching his own website, where fans can purchase “Mafia Proverbs” t-shirts, featured prominently in his upcoming video release. This innovative approach to merging music and fashion is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit.

Documenting the Climb: A Future Documentary

While Paid $haq is on his journey to the top, he’s also documenting every step of the way. His experiences, struggles, and triumphs will be transformed into a powerful documentary. It’s not just about making music; it’s about inspiring others to rise above adversity and follow their dreams, no matter the odds.

Paid $haq’s story is a testament to the power of resilience, determination, and talent. He’s not just a Detroit rapper; he’s a symbol of hope and an inspiration to all those who face adversity. Keep an eye out for Paid $haq – the rap game is about to feel the pressure, and the world will witness his triumphant return.

Exclusive interview with Paid $haq

Can you share more about your early life and what inspired you to pursue a career in hip-hop?

It’s the culture, I’m from the home of one of the greatest music movements that exists which is Moetown Records. I been doing music since I was four. I grew up around it. I remember when I was little that this
was my calling. My mama used to play the radio all day 24/7. I woke up and went to sleep to it. Everyday after school I used to run in the house to watch 106&Park lol.

What motivated you to start creating music while incarcerated, and how did you overcome the challenges of doing so?

If the saying “I’m locked up physically but I’m not locked up mentally was a person I’ll be him. Where it’s a will it’s a way. Music is really therapeutic for me, it help me cope and is my form of expression. I use my lyrics as
affirmations to keep me focused and lock in of what finna come, blessings on top of blessings.

How important has the support of Mama Grizzley and Tee Grizzley been in your musical journey?

Oh man.. Mama Grizzley like a mother to me. She watched me grow up and seen how far I have came as a person. Over coming many challenges in the skudd. From beef, run ins with the police to poverty. We share the
same struggle. People don’t make it out where we from. She want to see me do better and will to do anything she can to help me succeed and vice versa.

Could you tell us about the experience of shooting the video with Mama Grizzley and what it means to you?

It mean a lot, because to be gone as long as I been gone over a decade and still be able to have people step out for me and show me support and that says a lot. On the day of the video shoot, I called while everything
was happening. She was like “yea we out here holding it down for you baby”. Lol.

“Mafia Proverbs” has multiple versions featuring different artists. How did these collaborations come about, and what was it like working with them?

Actually Courtney Bell like my brother. His family kinda raised me to a certain degree. We support each other on everything we do. So I called him up and told him I need him to jump on the song. LEEK HUSTLE that’s
my guy too. We from skuddzone, which is our hood. When I first dropped a single he told me it was fire and I was like get on it with me let’s work and he was like bet. Everything from there was history. BABYFACE RAY.
We had some mutual people, so that’s how we met. I was able to get directly in touch with him, I can tell he had a hard time wrapping his head around that I was actually doing this from prison, but my experience was
100, he’s a genuine dude. He told me like “Ima do everything a can to help you get off the ground”. That meant a lot to me because normally when people reach a certain level of success, they forget where they came from, but not him. So he forever got my support.

Your music often reflects the streets of Detroit. How has your hometown influenced your musical style and storytelling?

A lot, I’m the product of my environment , everything I’m rapping about is really my life. So if I say it in my songs then that’s that.

You’ve been incarcerated for 11 years. How have you evolved as an artist during this time, and what lessons have you learned?

Evolved is an under statement. I really turned my creative spirit up. I have more hunger than I ever did before i educated myself on the business side as well. So when I sit down in the rooms with record label executives
I can control the room vs being controlled from lack of knowledge. Lesson I learned is that, nobody gonna want to see me win more than I want to see myself win. I believe in myself if nobody else do. Another
lesson is people might try to get in your way, but don’t let them, instead replace them or move around them.

What changes in the legal landscape give you hope for your appeal and imminent release?

They recently have been changing laws containing from juveniles that was sentenced as adults. Recent study has revealed that our brains wasn’t fully developed at the time of the crimes, so we shouldn’t have
been treated as adults. They also tryna pass some called, “Second Look” and bring back good time here in Michigan.

What message or themes do you aim to convey through your music, particularly in “Mafia Proverbs”?

I refuse to be defeated or give up on myself no matter what I’m going through or who standing here with me, ima win.

Can you share any anecdotes or stories behind the lyrics of your songs?

Yeah I can, ima tell you the story behind the course of my song. When I was younger I had over 200 members running with me from the West to the East. We went my “The Mob” for short I can’t really say but if you
know you know. So when I say my block I earned. That’s another way of saying I earned my stripes and put in work. So at this point it’s nothing but up.

How do you envision your music making an impact on the rap game and the industry as a whole?

My music gonna bring real back. Now of days a person can be foul and if he got money people still be in his face supporting him. But me I’m standing on principles all the way through. My music gonna add the
missing peace of the puzzle for Detroit that the industry haven’t seen yet. It get deep. Me and my mans ain’t get a chance to graduate from school. When we turned 17 and 18 we was already getting indicted Some in the
state, and some in the Feds. Some stayed solid and some didn’t. A lot of people in the game can relate to that because they prolly been through it too. Now I’m ready to come home and live.

What are your plans for your upcoming website, and how do you see it connecting with your music and merchandise?

My website gonna give people the opportunity to be a part of Mafia Proverbs movement outside of music. Like for example, if you buy a tshirt or a hoodie now you have a piece of me still even when my song go off.

Creating a documentary about your journey is a unique endeavor. What inspired you to document your experiences, and what can viewers expect from it?

It’s a saying that say, “sometimes you have to revisit the past to get to your future”. Most of the time people only see an artist once he has became successful, but they didn’t see what all he had to sacrifice. The
challenges and the things he went through. All the blood sweat and tears that he had to go through to make his success happen. So that’s the insight my documentary is gone give my fans and the world. The struggle first.

How have you balanced your music career and other activities while incarcerated?

Honestly all I do is write music, write my plans for when I touch. Until the mean time or Im on the phone all day executing. I don’t participate in no prison activities, gossip or nothing. I keep my mind out of here. I stay
away from people that’s not on the same thing I’m on.

What advice would you give to aspiring artists who may be facing adversity or setbacks in their own careers?

Allow yourself to go through adversity because through adversity comes wisdom and through wisdom everything come to pass. Never give up.

Are there any specific artists or individuals who have influenced your style and approach to music?

Nipsey Hussle influenced my approach when it comes to knowing the business and caring about my people and giving back to the community. Boosie is one of my favorite artists, but the Detroit rappers that was hot
when I was out in some way had influenced my style to a certain degree.

What role do you believe hip-hop plays in addressing social issues and inspiring change?

A major one because hip-hop got global influence, so whenever hip-hop speaks cultures follow. Hip-hop gives voices to the voiceless.

Can you share any memorable moments or highlights from your career so far?

My whole journey has been a highlight. Actually pulling off a video shoot from behind bars was a highlight 4sho and collaborating with the rappers I collaborated with was an experience I will never forget.

What goals or milestones do you hope to achieve once you are release?

Besides bringing them Grammys home, it gotta be getting that time in with my son and catching back up with family.

How do you plan to stay connected with your fans and the hip-hop community when you’re back in the industry full-time?

Social media, concerts, meet and greets. Ima stay droppin new music and also going to be producing films. Through art we always going to be connected.

What kind of impact do you want your music to have on your listeners?

I want my music to give them a look into my background, mind, heart and out look on life. I want them to be motivated by my story.

Can you provide insight into your creative process, from writing lyrics to recording and producing your music?

So when I write a song I find a beat that really connect to me, close my eyes and listen to what the beat try to tell me then I allow my feelings and my thoughts to become in harmony with the beat. Next thing I know it’s
flowing out, I’m writing down or typing it out as thoughts come to mind. Next thing you know I have a song, I go in the bough record then it’s go mode.

What can you tell us about the Detroit hip-hop scene and its unique characteristics?

Detroit a tough city, it’s not built for the weak. If you not street smart it will eat you alive. We was taught that if we can make it here then we can make it anywhere and that’s showing our demeanor. Be competitive, driven, and one of a kind and we own that.

Are there any upcoming projects, collaborations, or releases that your fans should be excited about?

I got the Mafia Proverbs coming out with Courtney Bell soon. The one with Babyface Ray gone follow after that. I also got the whole Mafia Proverbs album thats gone be coming out as well. I’m also dropping a EP call “MVP”(Most Valuable Player) and another EP called “Mob Tied”. Ima collaborate with some talented artists that’s in here with me and you can be looking out for some more major artists, I gotta keep upping the score.

Lastly, what is the one message you’d like to leave with your fans and the world as you continue your journey in music and life?

You can’t make the right moves hanging around the wrong people, on your journey it’s gonna be people that you expected to be pushing you towards success that might not be supportive, but always remember
you’re the only person you need to believe in you, but for the ones who have been there for you in the beginning remember them when you get to where you’re going. Let’s chase our visions together one song at a time.