Rich Hxxdie

Are you looking to mix up your overplayed playlist with tracks that will hit you deeply with meaning and raw talent? Take a look at the current talent on the market, with one particular artist making his mark on music with cleverly constructed raps and catchy beats. Rich Hxxdie is an emerging hip-hop, rap artist striving to take the world by a storm with his fresh take on contemporary music. Born and raised in Atlanta, this artist got to experience a lot of the city, moving around frequently due to his mother’s job.

Even as a young child, Rich Hxxdie displayed signs of his creative and artistic flair, writing poems, short stories, and even a selection of parody raps. As he grew older, his fondness for creativity and music only intensified more, and it was unusual to see Rich Hxxdie without his headphones on, listening to the inspiration that music had to offer him at the time.

Building on his passion for music from a young age, Rich Hxxdie has since been rapping seriously for the past decade. Releasing his first official ep on SoundCloud 6 years ago, this artist has since been driving towards further success, taking his love of rap to the next level to engage with the creative process it offers behind the scenes. 

Rich Hxxdie also claims that songwriting is also a passion of his, feeling a sense of achievement from hearing the final masterpiece after a long, challenging production process. Of course, dedication and motivation can lead to ultimate success in the music industry, possibly making Rich Hxxdie an inspiration for generations to come.

After this artist stopped listening to the radio, he ended up making his own music to listen to instead, filling the atmosphere with the creative aptitude that he had grown to love. In turn, this motivated Rich Hxxdie to make even more music to share with his fans, with recent releases including ChromeHearts, produced by the talented Zaytoven, Born Wit Aim, featuring EuroGotit, not to  mention Spending Addiction. 

These exciting, current tracks have consistently been drawing attention and expanding in success, helping Rich Hxxdie advance his career in music. Born Wit Aim practically emphasises how this artist is making his mark on music with his hard work, complementing one of his long-time slogans: NevaMiss.

With many people being drawn to the unique and meaningful productions of Rich Hxxdie, this artist claims his fanbase to be loyal, music-loving individuals that ‘fantasize over thetruth of this crazy world we live in’. With this in mind, it’s obvious that Rich Hxxdie’s fans connect with his music on a deeper level.

This artist is quite universal, his style including multiple different flows and the ability to slide into any beat, allowing him to stand out from his competition in the industry. With hard work, motivation, and a love for what he does, it’s clear to see that we can expect to enjoy many more tracks to come from Rich Hxxdie as a capable and unique rapper.