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Remembering Tray Tray: Chicago Rapper’s Legacy Lives On Through “Eastsiders”

Chicago, IL – October 13, 2023

In a poignant tribute to the late Chicago rapper Tray Tray, his first posthumous release titled “Eastsiders” featuring G Herbo has been unveiled to the world, courtesy of Living The Dream Ent. Tray Tray, a rising star in the rap scene, tragically lost his life in August, leaving behind a musical legacy that resonates with raw emotion and unfiltered authenticity.

“Eastsiders” is more than just a song; it’s a testament to Tray Tray’s life, his struggles, and his unyielding determination. The track dives deep into the realities of life, portraying a vivid picture of the challenges faced on the streets of Chicago. Tray Tray’s lyrical prowess shines as he raps, “Told my nas we gon’ make it / All my life, I heard I’m basic / Only good at shooting nas / Half my victims barely made it / You can ask the streets about me / Ain’t a soul can say I faked it.” These powerful lines capture the essence of his experiences, making his music relatable and authentic.

Tray Tray, whose real name was a household name in the Chicago streets long before he pursued music seriously. His journey into the world of hip-hop was unconventional, sparked by a series of life-altering events, including the tragic shooting of his cousin in 2012 and subsequent encounters with the law. However, it wasn’t until 2019 that he decided to channel his pain and experiences into his music, giving birth to a style that was both vulnerable and unapologetic.

His rise to prominence was marked by encounters with industry giants like Future, with whom he toured, and a viral music video shoot in 2022 that propelled him into the limelight. Despite the challenges he faced, Tray Tray’s authenticity and talent were undeniable, attracting a dedicated fanbase who resonated with his genuine storytelling.

Tray Tray’s music was more than just entertainment; it was a reflection of his reality. He once said, “I can switch it up. I’m versatile, very versatile. So I can make a radio song and make a song for the trenches all in one track.” This versatility was evident in his work, showcasing his ability to seamlessly blend raw, unfiltered narratives with catchy beats.

“Eastsiders” was not intended to be a posthumous release. Tray Tray was gearing up to reclaim his spot in the rap industry, armed with a unique blend of authenticity and talent that set him apart. His untimely passing has left a void in the hip-hop community, but his music continues to speak volumes.

In a touching gesture, all proceeds from Tray Tray’s upcoming posthumous releases will go to support his children and family, ensuring that his legacy lives on through the lives he touched and the music he created.

As we listen to “Eastsiders” and anticipate his forthcoming debut project, let’s remember Tray Tray not just as a Chicago rapper, but as a young and vulnerable artist who wanted his audience to feel his pain and understand his life. In his own words, his music was “me, in a real way, a raw way, an authentic way. No fake skits, no gimmicks, no internet clout chasing. None of that. Just me.”