Mikey3go was born in Compton, One of the oldest and beautiful city located in southern Los Angeles County, California, United States. He is interested both in music and poetry. He has been writing poetry since he was only a 12 year old kid. Life was getting hard but poetry wasn’t enough to express his feelings. Therefore, He started expressing his life experiences with music. This made him  take music seriously. He said “Sometimes it’s good, Sometimes it’s sad, Sometimes it’s gloomy But it’s real.”


Mikey3go is a passionate music artist and a song writer not only that he is also a really good and caring single father raising a big dreamer and a passionate boy just like him. Telling  his story as he once said  “I am  currently raising  my  son being a single father and pushing through with my career. I think, My boy is learning to focus, be dedicated and push through every challenge to make your dream  happen .  I always tell him to dream  big  and do everything in his power to make his dream works, Success comes after hard work and dedication. I think this is the most important thing to teach our kids.”


The Life expressing music developed and made him an artist. His newest release “Bandz” is just a fun song. He just wanted to get on the path and come up with something with his own style. He said, “My style is music so I come with different angles every time. Fanbase is the world for any person who just feels like me, a person who don’t give up.  always push through  support or not some one is watching  and will get inspired.”

Interview with Mikey3go

  1. Who are your Top 10 Favourite Rappers?

It’s not all rappers, I’m a fan of great music. But My Top 10 Artists are Drake, Chris brown, Kanye West, The Weekend, Young Thug, Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, Max Martin as a writer,2PAC, Kid Cudi.

  • Do you travel a lot?

Yes, I do. One of my favourite places to go in are Florida, NY.

  • If you had to pick an artist you most sound like, Who would it be?

I sound like good music; I try not to sound like anyone just good music.

  • Are you single or taken?

Currently, I am focused on my dream, But I love women, I really do. But, Getting involved with them takes me away from the vision.

  • What is your take on the state of fashion in hip hop?

It is different, but a lot of artists makes designers wear them. When you are cool, you wear designer clothes. This meaning I can make anything look good, It is not the brand It is me.

Wishing the best for the young artist Mikey3go and his boy. See you in next one.