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Jaaynnicce – Favorite Young Rapper in LA, United States

Jaaynnicce was born on 8 January 2001 At The Long Beach Memorial Hospital, U.S. He lived a difficult childhood, raised only by his mother who was working multi-job to provide a healthy life for her 9 children, 7 boys, and 2 girls. Jaaynnicce did not live with a spoon of gold in his mouth. In addition to the difficult condition he lived in, his father was a criminal who used to get in jail on a regular basis. This hard childhood caused mental instability for Jaaynnicce and his brothers, they lived inferior and afraid of the world.

Jaayannice was a kind of his one. Despite what he was living in, he kept spreading positivity, love, and kindness around him. He used to get rid of that anger he felt by rapping famous verses of his favorite rappers. The love and support in his community helped him to be open about his new skill, he start his journey to master the art of Rap from 10th grade, the second semester of 2016.

Rap for him was the way to get rid of the anger he felt because of the hard conditions he lives in. Whenever he raps a new verse he gets born again, like a Felix bird, he will keep die and being born, Rap was the key to a meaningful life.

Jaaynnicce is coming up with the brightest voice, He is more than capable of shifting hip-hop culture in a fresh direction or writing the escapist soundtrack that could end up defining the decade ahead of us. As addictive as the substance that makes up his name, Jaaynnicce’s self-effacing raps worm their way into your brain and refuses to leave. He enjoys trying new styles of rapping, but with the same core in lyrics, you feel his tired soul and his unusual will in every verse.

If you watch any of Jaaynnice’s music videos, you’ll see he has the kind of natural charisma it takes to become a major star. Busting out dance moves and flashing a gold smile, he commands the spotlight, most noticeably in the video for his breakout hit, “Enough Said” It shouldn’t be a surprise, then, that Jaaynnicce writes screenplays in his free time and has plans to become an actor someday. For now, though, the quality of his music is more than enough to hold our attention. Possessing an exceptional ear for melody, He writes songs that will get stuck in your head after just one listen. And as you keep playing them over and over, you’ll pick up on his knack for storytelling, too.

The 20-year-old upcoming rapper received major attention last year when he dropped the video for “Slime Green,” ft $eason. Then he released “Enough Said“, which was one of the best tapes to drop in 2020 from US upcoming rappers. Jaaynnice is only 20 years old, but he’s already showing signs of a potential takeover in this decade. He’s coming with new projects next year, and absolutely he is a rapper who deserves to keep eyes on him.