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1N1GHT  was born in Tuscaloosa AL with both his parents and a more seasoned sibling in his life. He began his life interests into pc games and anime as geeky as that sounds around the age of 10 with his brother. He was consistently into the sounds music as he messed around. Be that as it may, his playlists as a child was never genuine tunes and songs itself, it was just instrumentals. As time continued tuning in to those instrumentals regularly as he played on his pc his mind would normally make streams and tunes all alone. “I never payed attention for it. However, much to my dismay that would make a huge difference sometime down the road”, 1N1GHT said.
Unlike most of the artists, he looked into Rock music and k-pop music before starting with HipHop itself. He didn’t generally begin tuning in to HipHop until his high school years. He generally use to free-form rap for no particular reason all through his school years. He says, “I didn’t contact a studio until highschool where I recorded my first official tune that I had to do by my companion. I’m happy he forced me however.”
Since that sentiment of being in the studio is strange, he felt unattached from the world. He had the feeling that he is alone, without anyone else alongside with him and the mic, which he liked. The individuals around him realized he was talented since he never had a mental obstacle. Lyrics and the production of melodies just would consistently fall into place easily for him. Significantly after highschool he wasn’t generally considering music, he initially was dreaming to make a career as a professional gamer in Esports. 
In any case, it wasn’t until late October of 2016 when he met Drake and his team in the bulls locker room during the “Summer Sixteen Tour”. He had a plunk down meet with him and his group. “Subsequent to engaging him with disclosing his story to me, from acting to seeking after music I at that point knew precisely what I needed to do with my life. Furthermore, that was to turn into a well known music craftsman. Under the persona “1N1GHT”,” he stated. 
Indeed, even from rock to K-pop to HipHop and R&B he generally preferred songs and melodies. When he got more appended to the HipHop scene he tuned in to a ton of Partynextdoor, Drake, The Dream and Majid Jordan. So his style of music and his fan base definitely reflects off that. In any case, his moderate melodic songs really originates from a portion of the exciting music he tuned in to growing up. His latest song “So High Right Now” was really an expendable tune and was initially called “Right Here”. It was only a chorus he concocted inside the main 2 minutes of hearing the beat. Also, put it aside, when simply playing a lot of arbitrary tracks from his computer and his brother KC heard it and right away needed to bounce on it. KC dropped the stanza and the brothers delivered the track as a solitary and dropped the video around the same time. After the arrival of his initial 11 songs on all platforms he needed a solitary worth of a music video to release before his upcoming EP and Album. “So High Right Now made the cut for that particular job”, 1N1GHT said.