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“The Music Industry makes so much f***in’ money off black people. Bail your listeners out!” |

"The Music Industry makes so much f***in' money off black people. Bail your listeners out!" |

By: Brittney O. Entertainment Editor


The 25-year-old singer and songwriter, Kehlani addressed the music industry by tweeting out to her millions of Twitter followers her disgust in the idea of #BlackOutTuesday as she makes a valid point:

“The music industry makes so much F***N’ MONEY off black people. Black artists, black listeners, black supporters these posts ain’t doing sh** BAIL YOUR LISTENERS OUT.”

The Oakland native goes on to state that companies need to pledge to giving the Black artists who release music all the money made from it.

“Alotta money ya’ll think artists got, these people are making it. Artists make money off touring and merch the most. While quarantined, these companies are STILL MAKING MONEY, its ever flowing. Open them multimillion dollar purses!”

Kehlani has been quite visible on social media as she supports her hometown of Oakland, California where she was raised amidst hard times. The R&B singer has shared in the past about her own traumatic upbringing with a father that she lost to drug abuse and a mother that was imprisoned — leaving her being raised by the streets of Oakland and her Aunt. She was said to have been in Los Angeles during the protesting where she took incredible photos that she shared on her social media.

The Atlantic Records recording artist has also been instrumental during the COVID-19 pandemic as she teamed up with Postmates and FeedheroNurses recently to feed the front line workers at Highland Hospital in Oakland as she claims it the most important hospital in Oakland.


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