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Saweetie Calls Out Quavo After Breakup, in New “See Saw” Song

Saweetie Calls Out Quavo After Breakup, in New “See Saw” Song

Many remember the public breakup by Saweetie and Quavo on Twitter a month ago. Saweetie claimed that she felt hurt and betrayed. She also added that she was cheated on by the Migos rapper. Now, she is calling her ex out in her new “See Saw” song featuring Kendra Jae. This appeared on her new “Pretty Summer Playlist: Season 1” EP.

“Feelin’ dangerous, I thought you was my anchor / But you ain’t shit and on some real shit, tell me what the problem is “Say he gon’ do better but it’s always just the opposite / How you fumble the baddest bitch, are you a dumb ni**a? / You got nerve sendin’ me all these threats when you wrong, that’s a big trigga.”

Saweetie also called Quavo out for saying she “wasn’t the woman he thought she was.” The Icy Girl claimed how he was “humping thots.”

“How you figure, ain’t the woman that you thought? / You was humpin’ thots, fu**in’ narcissist, you just mad you got caught.”

Quavo also recently said in a preview of a song that he did repo Saweetie’s Bentley from Christmas, as rumors recently fueled this. Saweetie shut this down though as she posted a TikTok video wheee she still had the keys to the Bentley.

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