Saweetie Addresses Criticism of Her “SNL” Performance -“I Actually am Very Proud of the Performance”

Saweetie Addresses Criticism of Her "SNL" Performance -"I Actually am Very Proud of the Performance"

A week ago, Saweetie performed on “Saturday Night Live.” There, she debuted her new single, “Icy Chain.” This record is expected to appear on her upcoming debut studio album, “Pretty B*tch Music.” Other songs performed on SNL by Saweetie, include hits such as “Tap In,” and her feature on Doja Cat’s “Best Friend” single.

Surprisingly though, many people online weren’t feeling her performance on SNL. In a new interview with Billboard, the Bay Area rapper shut down the criticism, as she loved the work that she put in, that night. Saweetie also called out the critics, to try to do what she does, on stage. This comes after many attempted to point at her breath control, during the SNL performance.

“I’ve never danced that much during a performance. And I’m open to constructive criticism — however, I would love to see someone do what I do. I would like to see their breath control. So, unless you’re someone who’s been doing this, then I’m open to it.”

Saweetie also compared her efforts to that of an NBA player, in the sense that not every shot will go through. She also added that she’s proud of her business endeavors, as well as. her progression as an artist.

“That’s like when fans criticize an athlete that plays in the NBA. Y’all not about to make 30 buckets. Y’all not about to do this good of defense. So just enjoy the show and if you believe in who you’re rooting for, you should enjoy the process of their development. One thing about me is I’m such a business, proactive person that I’m not always in artist-mode. Not only am I killing SNL, killing the EMAs, I’m a business woman. So I’m running a company [and] an organization along with trying to balance artist development and other things in my life. I think I’m doing a pretty good job and I know nobody is doing what I’m doing so I’m really proud of that moment.””I’m aware of my weaknesses,

I’m aware of my strengths. But it’s growth. It’s a process. I would really love for them to do the bar routine. I would love for them to twerk. I would love for them to do all of these intricate dance routines while maintaining their breath, and then we can talk about it.” 

Aside from music, Saweetie has locked in plenty of solid business collaborations. This includes getting her own meal, the “Saweetie Meal,” at McDonalds, and also partnering with Hidden Valley and Crocs, to have her own pair of Crocs. Saweetie and Crocs also recently announced their full-time partnership, so other pairs of Crocs are expected to be on the way, as well.

Check out Saweetie’s SNL performance, below.


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