LAZARIS The Highest Don Is Carrying The Torch Of His Borough Forefather by speaking on the downfalls, uprising, and endurance required to survive on his new record “CROSSFIRE”


The rugged structure of the borough shaped the sharpest MCs to grace the rap game. one of the merchandise of this setting is that the tenacious Bronx native Lazaris the highest Don. Born Lazaris Rafael Martinez, Don may be a product of a proud musical Afro-Cuban and Puerto Rican family. tho’ borough is crammed with a large number of Hip-Hop influences, Lazaris was heavily compact by distinguished musicians of his heritage as well as the well-known musicians in his own family. Lazaris the highest Don walks and talks like his name. he’s a Don in his title with the determination to prove it to you. Being co-signed at the young age of sixteen by one amongst the introduction members of Terror Squad, Cuban Link exposed the globe to the present vicious The Bronx emcee. He was able to debut his skills professionally at a throng of venues such as Rhumbas Nightclub, Heavens Gentlemen Club, SOB’s, Club Lust, Club Secrets, Club Angels, The lure House, Starlets, Cocina Boriqua, Savana Lounge, Park Billiards, condiment Con Fuego, Shade 45, Sugar Daddy’s, which isn’t even half the list. His battle rap skills caught the eye of DJ massive electro-acoustic transducer Shells and legendary Motown rapper Eminem. In 2008, Lazaris the highest Don won the chance to perform on the Summer Jam stage. even if the rapper/songwriter has adult into a vesture designer and business executive of his own label, high Don Empire, Lazaris will ne’er stray too far-flung from partaking in lyrical exercise.

Crossfire” is a gritty avenue file that captures the essence of New York withinside the wintertime. Lazaris The Top Don become raised in a place in which there has been normalcy of crime. He paints a photograph of accomplishing a degree of success, whilst concurrently being chased with the aid of using the paranoia that follows maximum guys raised in those environments. As Lazaris stated, “The dream is to repair the Bronx community”. “Crossfire” isn’t a glorification of avenue culture, however a photograph of an ungentrified truth. He skilled his proportion of getting to stay away from a crossfire on an enterprise degree as well. Transitioning from being signed to a primary label to going for walks your very own unbiased employer is certain to ruffle a few feathers. These reports are what fuels Lazaris The Top Don to sell positivity and entrepreneurship among the kids withinside the Bronx. Following withinside the attitude of one in every of his favored artists, Jay-Z, Lazaris’s natural love and incessant responsibility to his place of birth aids in his decision-making.“The borough itself provides to the culture”. “Crossfire” is a tale that belongs to many human beings in NY. Songs of this nature are how Hip-Hop originated: speak me approximately a truth this is omitted on a bigger scale. Lazaris The Top Don is wearing the torch of his Bronx forefathers with the aid of using speak at the downfalls, uprising, and patience had to live to tell the tale on his new film “Crossfire”.