Latto Says She’s Showing “Versatility,” After Being Questioned By Critics, About New “Big Energy” Single

Latto Says She's Showing "Versatility," After Being Questioned By Critics, About New "Big Energy" Single

Latto returned with her second single of 2021 this weekend, with “Big Energy,” Here, the Atlanta rapper experimented with different flows, which combined a rap and pop vibe together. She also brought different choreography to the music video.

Some people aren’t feeling Latto on this record though, and now, she’s responding on Twitter. Latto defended the “versatile” flow that she brought to this record, as she says she switched things up, like how people supposedly wanted her to do.

“A b*tch rap and y’all beg me to ‘switch it up’.. a b*tch show versatility now it’s ‘why she singing’ ‘why she dancing’ & I’m ‘tryna be like’ somebody else.”

Nonetheless, Latto realized that there will always be critics, and she just has to accept that. At this point, it’ll be interesting to see if she is in album mode, after releasing these two singles, this year. In 2020, Latto put out her debut studio album, “Queen Of Da Souf.”

Check out Latto addressing her new single, as well as the music video for it, below.


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