Kim Kardashian Says She Married The “Best Rapper of All-Time,” During “Saturday Night Live” Opening Monologue [VIDEO]

Kim Kardashian Says She Married The "Best Rapper of All-Time," During "Saturday Night Live" Opening Monologue [VIDEO]

Kim Kardashian just wrapped up hosting “Saturday Night Live,” as this was her first appearance, on this legendary show. She is also the first Kardashian to host. There were definitely some entertaining moments tonight, but the opening monologue, definitely caught everyone’s interest. This was the second episode, of SNL’s new 47th season. Kardahian was also said to have spent 20 hours per day, this past week, rehearsing for this hosting.

Here, Kardashian explained how she is an influencer, and everything she says carries weight. She also joked about wanting to unify the United States, and almost hinted at running for president. Kardashian then jokingly added that she didn’t want three failed politicians in her family. She also poked fun at OJ Simpson and her 2007 sex tape, with Ray J.

Kardashian also proceeded to vouch for Kanye West, who she’s in the middle of a divorce with. She claimed how Ye is the “best rapper of all-time,” and is appreciative of having four children with him. Their divorce was initially announced in early January, and filed by Kardashian, in mid-February.

There has since been speculation that West and Kardashian would reconcile. This is evident in Kardashian appearing at West’s “Donda” album listening events, the two having dinner at Nobu, in Malibu, last week, along with Kardashian’s support of him, on SNL, on Saturday night.

Check out Kim Kardashian’s opening monologue, on “Saturday Night Live,” below.

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