Kendrick Perkins has been dishing out a heavy dose of hot takes every since he retired from the NBA and fans aren’t always happy about it. Perkins can be a polarizing man and it doesn’t help that he spends every second of every day defending LeBron James. Regardless, today, Perkins took to Twitter with a top 5 list that is garnering attention for all of the wrong reasons. The list in question counts down his personal top 5 shooting guards of all time.

As you can see from the tweet below, his list has Michael Jordan at 1, Kobe Bryant at 2, Dwyane Wade at 3, and Ray Allen and Tracy McGrady at 4 and 5, respectively. 

Perkins’ top two was pretty spot on but it was his 3 through 5 that really had fans up in arms. In fact, fans were wondering why guys like Allen Iverson and James Harden weren’t included. Some felt that Allen should have been at the three spot and that Wade could have been much lower.

The former NBA big-man was certainly pressed for his opinion although these types of lists typically come down to biased and subjective taste. With this in mind, it’s not exactly the best use of your time to start debating a guy who has actually competed at a high level.

Check out some of the reactions to Perkins’ list and let us know your own personal top 5 shooting guards, in the comments below.