How Chris Arvan Is Combining Music & Art in the New World of NFTs

How Chris Arvan Is Combining Music & Art in the New World of NFTs

NFTs or Non-fungible Tokens, are unique and noninterchangeable units of data stored on a digital letter that can be linked to easily replicated files such as video, photosand audio. It is a new technology that is revolutionizing various industries, including the art and music world. It is based on blockchain technology, just like the crypto but are entirely different. NFTs are the new form of ownership of digital assets, as they can take any form of any online content such as tweets, memes, art, and others.

Many artists worldwide, especially in the art industry, have embraced NFTs as the new form of selling and acquiring pieces. Chris Arvan is one of the artists to have identified the power of NFTs, and he is leveraging them to push his success in the industry.

Though Chris is well-versed in NFTs, he sees the potential of what it can generate, his immediate aspirations include his work being featured at auctions at Christie’s and Sotheby’s. He is combining music and art differently in the world of NFTs. He has successfully managed to remove the separate parts of the craft / profession coming up with a working formula for the two art forms. He says that the two work together as parts of a song, perfectly blending into one another. Chris says he is extending the two creative processes into both media and featuring them as NFTs.

Chris points out that the visuals are not ‘audio-reactive’ and are also not ‘scored to’ the music. Instead, he says that both are playing off each other and work simultaneously, just like how he would produce a song or a piece of music. He also puts into practice his multi-instrumentalist skills to produce, mix, and master all his pieces.

The musician turned artist has seen some of his NFT works being featured at global art affairs and exhibitions. Chris saw his NFT artwork featured in an exhibition at the Bitcoin Conference in Miami, Florida; in the Stratosphere exhibition in Beijing, China; and in the George Lopez Foundation charity event and auction that is set to take place in November this year.

Chris sees the NFT world as a promising industry. “I think one of the beautiful things now is that with NFTs if people believe in you as an artist and support you by buying your work, they can grow with you. I think almost everything will be an NFT five years from now. I hope to cultivate true fans of both my music and artwork and also hopefully help and inspire others who may resonate with my story,” says Chris.

Chris’s goal is to continue scaling in the space to attain new levels of success by expanding his vision to incorporate his physical installations with audio visual artwork to be sold at exclusive locations such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s auction houses.

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