Get Ready For New Music By Nell Burna!

Get Ready For New Music By Nell Burna!

Nell Burna is also known as Ternell demorris Ormond was born and raised in the greater Washington D.C area and shows dedication to his hometown. He was raised by the streets which made him grow up very quickly. Instead of going to school, Nell Burna was selling illegal substances at the age of 12 old. Although this made him extra money, deep down, he knew that music was a passion of his.

Nell Burna mentions music is his passion by saying “Music was like second nature to me I just connected with it, it’s a good way to express yourself, I was always a quiet person growing up but I love to talk that ish.. and shine through the music, music is important because it can control a certain energy or vibe when you listen, everything is sound weather it’s quite or not.”

The independent artist has around 20 unreleased songs and currently working on more. But right now he has a song out called ‘’On the Low” feat buzzing Artist Xanman. That song alone has over 20,000 views on YouTube right now. The video is set to drop hopefully middle of next month and you can listen to their music on all streaming services!

Instagram: nellburna1

YouTube: NEllBURNA                                              


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