Boosie Says He Will Be Enrolling at Jackson State University [VIDEO]

Boosie Says He Will Be Enrolling at Jackson State University [VIDEO]

Boosie has been trending heavily over the last few months, due to continuing to feud with Lil Nas X. He took to Twitter to say that Nas X needed to commit suicide, and that the world would be better without home. This all stems from previous homophobic comments made against Nas X, in the summer.

Now, the Baton Rouge rapper is capturing people’s attention again. This time, it’s due to him recently announcing that he will become a student at Jackson State University, next semester.

Boosie didn’t clarify which major he will have, or the classes he will be in, but he is looking forward to attending one of the most popular HBCUS, in the south. JSU has also trended, due to their football team, which is coached by NFL legend Deion Sanders, and Sanders’ son Shedeur, being the quarterback.

“I love y’all and y’all love my stanky drawers and I love y’all back.  just want to tell y’all, y’all always been supportive of me and it’s a big secret, I wasn’t gon’ let this out but I’m enrolling in Jackson State next semester.”

Boosie also added that he’s looking forward to experiencing some of the day-to-day activities in the life of a college student. This includes walking around with a back pack full of school supplies.

“I want to see how it feels to walk around campus, talk to girls with a book sack on. “I want to feel normal. I miss that part of my life. So I want to enroll and be able to walk down the thing and go to class and try my brain cause I still got matter up there that needs to be explored.”

Check out Boosie discussing enrolling at JSU, below.


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